Dr Michael Woodcock


 Who is Michael when he’s not being a vet?

An Iron Man! Michael competes in Iron Man Triathlons both here and abroad. Ask him what he did on the weekend and he’ll probably tell you casually that he rode 160km on his bike then ran 14km. He’s up at 4.30am training before work too! Michael also loves a good Mocha in the morning.


Michael graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science.

Special Interests

Michael is an advanced surgeon, able to perform orthopaedic procedures and advanced soft tissue surgeries. He also has loads of experience with Birds & Exotics (snakes, lizards etc) and is a large animal vet. You could say Michael is the ultimate all-round super vet!

Michael has also visited one of the Royal Canin factories overseas and was very impressed with the quality and controls! Michael believes that good nutrition plays a big part in keeping our pets healthy.

Dr Colin Tedman


Originally from Erith in the UK, Colin graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London back in 1981. His early days of veterinary experiences saw him in England and Wales, whereby his vet adventures saw him one day lambing, or another performing orthopaedic surgery in the vet clinic.

A “sea change” from the harsh Welsh climate, saw Colin spend his next years as a vet in Fiji – snowy highlands in Wales, to sunny beaches in Suva! His journey then took him to Australia, whereby he was successful as a practising vet in Taree and Cairns before moving to Caloundra in the 1990’s.

Colin has many years of experience in all facets of veterinary medicine and now only deals with small animals. His caring nature for all his clientele ensures that all animals in his care, are provided with professional, high quality care. This is measured by the number of loyal clientele Caloundra Vet Surgery has and the many stories can be told of Colin looking after a loved pet from when they were a pup to now seeing them into their twilight years! 

You may wish to ask him of his menagerie of animals at home – from “Norman” the female galah who thinks she is human to “Max” the cat that was adopted from Noosa RSPCA who “rules the house”. Caloundra Vet Surgery’s charities are the Variety Club of Qld and Smart Pups Queensland. The “Bash Car” which is a Jaguar with a UK Union Jack can often be seen parked out front of the practice! 


Practice Manager

Who is Simone when she is not being a vet nurse?

Simone moved to the Sunshine Coast with her husband and high maintenance Burmese cat called Juniper 6 years ago. Since then she has adopted a rescue Chocolate Labrador who makes the “Marley and Me” Labrador look like a guide dog!


Simone brings with her 23 years of experience as a Veterinary Nurse! This includes 3 years working in training hospitals in the UK as well as working as an emergency nurse here in Australia. Simone has also played key roles in several large veterinary hospitals both on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. We’re very lucky to have such an experienced nurse on our team!

Special Interest

Simone has been volunteering for ‘Sunshine Coast Turtle Care’ for the last four years and finds it incredibly rewarding. She is also very active in the veterinary industry and is an Administrator on an international veterinary nurses Facebook page. This page is dedicated to increasing awareness and providing support for mental health in the veterinary nursing industry. Simone is passionate about geriatric patients and educating owners about their special needs, and is secretly a crazy cat lady! 


Veterinary Nurse

Who is Amanda when she is not being a vet nurse?

Amanda loves life outdoors and after living in the UK for 2 years she’s really learned to appreciate life in Australia. On the weekends you’ll find her exploring different areas of Queensland in her High Top Troopy or finding somewhere new to hike, run or kayak.


Amanda holds a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and is a Registered Veterinary Nurse in Western Australia and the United Kingdom. She’s been in the Veterinary Industry for 10 years.

Special Interests

Amanda has developed a keen interest in Veterinary Dentistry after working at a Veterinary Dental Specialist while living in Scotland. She’s happiest when doing nurse consults and loves taking the time to share her knowledge with clients. She’s a strong believer in empowering her nurse team to be utilised to their greatest potential in their careers.